Freshmetz is India’s largest selling and trusted aluminium foil comes with a guaranteed extra thickness with assured food grade aluminium. Ensuring that your food remains full of flavour and aroma. Freshmetz aluminium foil wrap is available in wide range with different sizes and quantities which makes it the ideal preference in your kitchen. Freshmetz versatility can adapt to your tailored needs of cooking, baking, grilling, storing, and freezing, keeping the food locked with its nutrients and healthy for a long time. A trusted brand that reaches Indian kitchens every month. This Kitchen essential thickness preserves food warmth, moisture, aroma and overall freshness for longer duration. It is 100% recyclable and thus eco-friendly and hence it’s truly a safe product. Besides domestic consumption, the items are extensively used by Caterers, Hotels, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Airlines, Railways, Schools, Company Canteen, Coffee-Shops etc.
The company was formed as a new consumer products company with strong legacy brands. While our products have been trusted by generations, we are a young, innovative company where employees can make an impact. We’ve worked together to build a company that is trusted by our customers, vendors, and employees, and especially, by the people who use our products.

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